So WHY do you want to become a virtual assistant and what are your GOALS?   I think a lot of us want the freedom to choose how and with who we work, or the freedom of flexibility. Most people make their decisions based on either moving toward pleasure or moving away from pain. Some maybe you are looking to uncap your earning potential, or maybe you are looking to earn a good wage while being able to spend more quality time with your children and family.

Depending on your skill set and who you work with will shape your flexibility too so be really clear going in on what you want your results to be. So, if you are the mom to 3 small children and you want to be able to take care of your kiddos during the day to save on day care and also just BE with your children, DO NOT commit to positions that require you to be super responsive during those hours. Instead choose jobs that allow you the freedom to complete in the evenings or during naptime. If your kids are in school and you want to be free in the afternoons for them find jobs that require you to be responsive while they’re in school.

You see what I mean here?

I can not stress enough here about being totally open in the discussion portion of working with your clients on what you will and will not do. Clients have needs and while you are a freelancer and “can make your own hours” it is perfectly reasonable that a client that is hiring you to work a busy inbox and calendar would expect you to have a quick one hour turn around, whereas a customer service inbox that you are required to check 3x a day will give you more flexibility.

Their are going to be clients out there that fit your needs, don’t grasp at jobs that you can’t or won’t enjoy doing. You want to build your brand and referrals are a big source of a virtual assistants bread and butter.

Write down your goals! Hang it in your main office area and keep reminding yourself why you are here!

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