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Hi there! I guess you found your way here because you are either thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant, or maybe you are new and struggling a bit to find your way. I created this site a resource for Virtual Assistants, I was once where you are and so I know it’s a bit over whelming! So you can find my advice and some cool downloads and resources to help you along the way.

For me I had been in the traditional workforce for many years doing pretty much anything administrative, I was always trying and learning more things and willing to take on any task that needing to be done in any position I had. I found however that I was stuck at the mercy of the person that owned or ran the company on what my ultimate path and earning potential could be.

I also struggled with down time at work – it left me BORED and when I was bored I would have loved to just say hey I can clock out early there really isn’t anything left for me to do until Sally finishes and I can start on my part of the job description. I also tended to get bored at jobs fairly quickly also I am not good at just doing one task repeatedly and once I accomplish a goal I am always ready to tackle another. It was really great for me in a way since this enabled me to learn many skills that have transitioned into being a virtual assistant very well.

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Why I live: In a little lake town west of Detroit.

Phone: 248.325.5041

Business Hours: I’m always here! Let’s connect.

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