Package pricing is another option to offer to your clients and depending on what services you offer and their past history  the client’s reaction to package pricing will vary. Be open and flexible to all pricing models, however have a very concrete billing agreement set up.

The idea of package pricing is you offer a client a service for a set fee, or a retainer if you will. This works well for things like social media, email marketing, content creation etc. Sometimes it’s not as well received for general admin tasks that the client is outsourcing to save money – they really only want to pay for what they need. I get that, and I am always open to billing hourly and you should be too. You can bill hourly and still ask for a retainer. I get a credit card and bill them out on Friday and charge their CC on Monday, if the cc doesn’t work then neither do I.

I have clients that have package deals and I have clients that pay me hourly. I don’t really stress about it. I am flexible.  If you are struggling or you just don’t know I would recommend starting with the hourly set up for most projects and as you gain experience you can add package pricing.


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