What SKILLS do you have?

Did you know you probably already have skills to be a virtual assistant?

List the last 3 jobs you had and what you did in those jobs. If you were an office clerk did you send emails, manages calendars, organize events, answer phones, etc.

Now that you have listed your jobs and skills ( don’t worry if you don’t have job experience we will tackle that in the sections to come ) highlight those that can be done virtually.

Now let’s look at the things you know how to do but don’t have a proven history of. These could be things you have done for yourself or just have an interest in and know how to do.  If you ran your own eBay store you know how to do that and depending on your depth of store some of those sills can transition. Maybe you helped our friend plan her wedding and realized you were awesome at that – those skills absolutely can transition to virtual.

TRUTH- your ability to tackle a task you haven’t got a lot of experience in will come down to YOU and your commitment and skill level. Not everyone is able to aggressively tackle and learn a new task. Be really honest with yourself about what you can do.

Be honest with your potential clients about your ability to do these tasks on a professional scale, the last thing you want to do is commit to a job and not deliver or deliver crappy work. Be transparent when talking to your clients also about your skill level, some clients are very open to teaching something they already know that you might not, but there are also times when they need an expert.

For example – I have a ton of experience in billing and accounting support but not in a medical/healthcare. I still sent a proposal to a client looking for a biller for a therapist’s practice. I was open about not having direct experience but my many years doing that in other industries I was sure that with minimum training I would be able to pick up the job quickly. She was willing to teach me and so I got the job. The same outcome may not have happened if the practice was larger right? She may not have had the time to teach me.

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