Now that you have an idea of what services you  want to offer and have decided on a rate to charge for those services let’s look at WHO you are going to work with. Depending on your experience and skill set your ideal client may or may not be a narrowly defined market. I am a General Admin virtual assistant and my skills really cross over many industries so for me my niche are entrepreneurs and micro businesses.

It’s important to know who you wan to work with so that you can determine WHERE those ideal clients are and you can go where they are. Where do they hangout? Are they on Facebook or LinkedIn? What are they reading? Who are their mentors?  Build and keep your Ideal Client Profile where you can see it every day! Don’t forget who she is.

Create a Broad Description of One of Your Ideal Client

  • What industry is your IC in?
  • What is your IC role?
  • Is the gender of your IC?

Identify Your IC’s End-Goal Wants & Needs

  • What is your IC’s ideal goals or end-result from your services?
  • What are the most important “features” of a service like this in their eyes?
  • What problem can you solve for your IC?

Identify Where Your IC Frequents

  • What online publications does this person read?
  • What sort of search terms are they likely to use?
  • What social media platform do the use most? Do they belong to any groups?

Now you should keep this in mind at all times, this is who you are marketing to, what interests her? What challenges does she face that you can help her with?

Go find her and add some value!

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