Now we know your motivation, what services you want to offer, how much you want to charge and what your ideal client looks like and hangs out, let’s talk about your brand. Many times, in a virtual assistant business  ( especially if you are a one woman show) YOU are your brand.

Your about me section on your page is going to be one of your most visited pages let’s us that to build a brand your client wants to work with. I know this is often the page a lot of people struggle with, right? They don’t know what to say or don’t feel comfortable talking about themselves. BUT good news! Your about me page should be more about  your audience than you. Don’t worry you will talk about you too.

You should dedicate an opening sentence or two to your ideal clients challenges and objectives – starting with the VERY reason they are checking out your website to begin with!  Let them know that their needs are your main priority.

Add some customer referrals to your about me page, and any customer focused awards or recognition.

Use different media – videos are great, images don’t HAVE to be images of just your face! But you should have at least one photo of you. People like to connect with you and a photo image helps bring you to life.

Tell your story! Focus on the things that make you human, talk about why you do what you do ( I can tell you right now you will get asked a lot – I even wrote a blog post and started referring prospects when asked to submit that in my proposal! )

Don’t be afraid of where you came from, but you don’t have to tell people EVERYTHING.

Write conversationally. Don’t get fancy with the name of your about page.. people are looking for an About You page- so give it to them.


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