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Building Your Brand

Now we know your motivation, what services you want to offer, how much you want to charge and what your ideal client looks like and hangs out, let’s talk about your brand. Many times, in a virtual assistant business  ( especially if you are a one woman show) YOU are your brand.

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Define Your Ideal Client

It’s important to know who you wan to work with so that you can determine WHERE those ideal clients are and you can go where they are. Keep your IC in mind at all times and gear your marketing toward your IC.

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Let’s Talk Virtual Assistant Rates

So now that you have your services that you’ve decided on offering to your clients you need to think about how are going to price those services. Let's look at how you will set your virtual assistant rate. Now I'm probably in a different school of thought than most...

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How To Transfer Your Skills

List the last 3 jobs you had and what you did in those jobs. If you were an office clerk did you send emails, manages calendars, organize events, answer phones, etc.

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So WHY do you want to become a virtual assistant and what are your GOALS?   I think a lot of us want the freedom to choose how and with who we work, or the freedom of flexibility.

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Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business

Tips to Get More Clients

Start up businesses need clients — any clients. Mid-level businesses need more clients and more money. Established, successful businesses need fewer, better, higher-paying clients.

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Using Contests & Events In Marketing

A great  promotional method is to run some kind of contest or event. Use contests and other events in your virtual assistant social media marketing to encourage more engagement and get more followers.

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Benefit of Email Marketing

E- mail marketing campaigns are usually very cost effective. Basically, directing marketing strategies will require you to have a decent amount of cash in order to use them effectively.

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How To: Email Marketing

It’s now clear that you know why your small business should be using e-mail marketing techniques to increase its consumer base, increase revenue and build brand awareness. 

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What is Email Marketing?

E- mail marketing is the process of incorporating the use of e- mails in small business marketing strategy. It’s essentially the same thing as sending out mailers, newsletters and coupon books through mail. The only difference with the other forms of marketing is that...

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Internet Marketing Basics

You need to know some of the basics of internet marketing before you can just jump right into it. Getting some books on the subject or consulting…

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All The Other Stuff!

Mindset and Goals

You have the goal, you need the plan.Look at where you are now and then look at all the things you would need to build the life you are picturing

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Home & Work Balance

Building and operating a business can be challenging, especially if you’re also in charge at home. Here’s a little bit of advice on how to juggle a busy life at home and at work.

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Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Most successful women create a set of goals that they strive to reach, which helps them stay on track as they work toward success. Without setting goals and applying effort to…

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