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Struggling On Where To Start? Kinda Started But Lost On Next Steps?

Are you feeling overwhelmed on where to start? Need direction and focus from a WORKING virtual assistant? 

Ah, yes you have built it.. ( well mostly ) and they have not come? Let’s explore some resources to get you seen and HIRED! 


I’m Ella

I love helping other women become financially independent in what ever fashion that means for them. Whether you are looking to work full time from home and earn 6 figures or you want to work part time while continuing to be a Mom – I WANT to help you achieve that goal. I wish I had know that virtual assisting was a think many years ago. I have ( and currently AM ) been a successful full time working virtual assistant for over 6 years now. I am not going to bullshit you and tell you that you can sit in a lawn chair at the beach and earn 6 figures. It’s hard work and takes dedication to get started but let me tell you about a year or so in you WILL have the freedom to choose how and WHO you work with. 

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